Exhibición QMB 10 años

Exhibition Quiero mi Barrio at Contemporary Art Museum MAC Quinta Normal.





Henry Guy Reymond

Biography Book. Life story of H.R. based on research and compilation of old files, photos and letters.

2015- 200 books. 152 pg + photos. Offset Print.



Process Book

Hand Bound edition of all all printed design drafts from the project Endless Constructions.

2015- 1 book. Laser Print


Endless Constructions

EC questions absolute definition of things through construction methods that yield unexpected variations of familiar objects or forms. The book shows methodologies behind different case studies.

2015- 10 books. 100 pg. Digital Print.


Flat Cubes

Cubes constructed from the sections of a drawing of a cube. The pieces are attached together in 90 degree angle allowing intersections between planes.  42 variations can be made when changing the starting piece. 


Digital/Mechanical Composition

Digital compositions are embroidered in a net allowing the material, with its own grid, to vary the initial form. 





From Plane to Space - 3Dimensional Type

The geometric sections of letters drawn in an axonometric grid are separated and then each is cut out and folded three times creating a physical entity.




Animated Chair

This work investigates what it would be like to construct a flat linear image of a chair in three-dimensional space using an articulated joints system that allows the structure to assume a variety of positions.



From Plane to Space - Combined Views

This exercise investigates a middle state, where things depend on both the plane and space to construct the image of a chair.




From Drawing to Object

An Attempt to ignore fixed knowledge of how an object should be constructed or what it should look like. The construction method consists of the strict translation from a two-dimensional line drawing of an object to a physical manifestation in three dimensions.




Chair N2

Low Chair from Woodworking Serie - All Assembled. Ash wood and cane weaving. 









Chair N1

Stick Chair from Woodworking Serie - All joinery and assembly by hand. Poplar wood.









Dialectic Posters

Three Posters serie. Two colors screen prints. 

2014 - 5 copies each






Atlas Austral Graphics

Graphic identity for the AA Art Exhibition by artists Catalina Mekis, Pilar Mackenna and Josefina Valenzuela. 





Table N1

Tray Table from Woodworking Serie - All joinery and assembly by hand. Padouk wood.





Wire baskets

Intuitive basket weaving.






Wood Patterns

From woodworking Serie - Wood Scraps.